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How to handle the variables with sensors

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        Hello, My name is Liz and I am working on integrating two yosemitech sensors (Y510/ y504) into the mayfly. Right now I am trying to get just one working. I am starting with the Y510 sensor and copied the text from the “menu la carte” and see that they have their own variables, I am unsure where these listed variables go in my program.


        for my board set-up I have the sensor running through through a terminal screw grove connected to the 5V on the mayfly and through the A/B on the Rs485 then the Rs485 is connected to the board.


        1. this method let me build and compile however in the serial monitor it notes nothing of the sensors, does not seem to recognize them. I don’t get an error but it only spits out data for the on board sensors.



        with this method, it makes more sense to me to do it this way however I get an syntax error which I do not understand what it wants me to fix.

        error in serial monitor 

        If anyone could guide me towards which is the right method if either and if the second method is correct how to fix the error.


        I had gotten it to recognize the sensors at one point where in the serial monitor it would say, this system has 6 sensor of which 0 are calculated and list the sensors but not take any significate data however through trying to fix that one issue I can’t get back to the program even recognizing the sensors.

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