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Helium Network- Compatibility with Mayfly

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        Hi guys,

        Im just wondering if anyone has considered using the Helium network with the Mayfly? Essentially it’s a LoRaWAN network where the infrastructure is owned by the public. They are incentivising network expansion by rewarding hotspot owners with HNT, their own cryptocurrency.

        Im interested because there is potential to establish a local Helium network around multiple Mayfly sites, and have HNT earning offset any infrastructure and data transmission costs. You might even get to the point of earning money on the side.

        You can buy xbee LoRaWAN modules like the one linked below,  but I haven’t looked in detail as to whether they might work with the Mayfly and Modular sensors.

        Im interested in everyone’s thoughts.


        RAK4260 Breakout Board


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        Sara Damiano

          I haven’t looked into it much, but I would guess that module, and several other bee-shaped LoRaWAN modules would work just fine with the Mayfly.  There is *not* any direct support for any sort of radio communication right now in ModularSensors.  I would love to have support for it, but still a “someday” feature right now.  Right now most of our stations are deployed as singletons so cellular has been the way to go.

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