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DFRobot Gravity KIT0139 Depth Sensor – Routine Interference?

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        Hi Everyone,

        I am testing a number of low-cost sensors, one of them being the DFRobot Gravity KIT0130 water level sensor (~40USD) (https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1863.html).  This requires 12-24V s

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          Hi James, very interesting. I wonder which Analog port on the mayfly you are using,  ADS1115.?

          One test I do, to verify the sensors response, is put the sensor in a simulated stationery stream, (jug

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          Sara Damiano
            Could it possibly be a problem with the temperature inside your logger box rather than the water temperature?  Maybe Shannon can pipe in and confirm, but I remember that we used to have issues like t
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              Hi all,

              Yes we are using the ADS1115.  The board temperature (DS3231) in the box is plotted in yellow below.



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              Sara Damiano
                Those temperature shouldn’t be a problem.  If I remember right, one of our first box iterations ended up acting like a little greenhouse and turning into an oven in the summer.

                Could it be the

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                Matt Barney
                  It would be interesting to see if the anomalies in sync with periods when the Mayfly’s battery voltage is peaking, i.e., during maximum solar input.

                  It sounds like you have the sensor on a sepa

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