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Compilation Error with Adafruit ADS1015 in Modular Sensors

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        I am currently trying to learn and understand how to properly use the modular sensors library for the Mayfly 1.1. I have downloaded the libraries through EnviroDIY, and I am using the Arduino IDE. When I go to compile code based on the modular sensors library, or I use an example such as simple_logging.ino, I get the following error:

        c:\Users\Braedon Dority\Documents\Arduino\libraries\EnviroDIY_ModularSensors\src\sensors\ApogeeSQ212.cpp:15:10: fatal error: Adafruit_ADS1015.h: No such file or directory

        I believe it is because the library for the Adafruit ADC is titled Adafruit_ADS1X15 and not Adafruit_1015. When I went into the ApogeeSQ212.cpp file and changed the included header to match what I have from downloading the libraries, my original code threw back the same error but this time for a different sensor when I compiled it again. I’m assuming that I am doing something wrong with the modular sensors library since all I did was compile the simple_logging.ino example file and it gave me this error. Any help would be great!

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        Sara Damiano

          Were you able to figure this out? It sounds like your library folders may not be in the right spots.

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            I was! For some reason my Adafruit folder didn’t include the ADS1015.cpp and ADS1015.h files. I have my library up to date now though and it’s working great. Thanks!

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