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Beaver/Muskrat Damage? Vandalism?

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      Hi All,

      I recently had a station where the sensor cables was completely severed right above the sensor. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. I’ve attached a few photos. I’m unsure if I’m dealing with vandalism or critter damage. Probably hard to tell from photos but if anyone has any relevant experience that might indicate what I’m dealing with please share.

      I’m considering starting to protect my sensor cables with cable sleeving or flexible pvc. Has anyone else done this or something similar?



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      Dave Bressler

      @lemon, Jim Moore (@w3asa) with Great Marsh Institute has had beaver damage at two of his stations. He has come up with some ways to deal with it.  Jim, would you mind responding to this thread with the same post that you recently made to the Delaware Basin Sensor Stations online group?

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      Thought I would vent/post about my recent loss due to vandalism…here seemed to be a good place lol! I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed, wait no, I’m mad. Totally stripped for parts foam shredded , battery shredded (why?), all cables cut and then thrown in the river, thankfully one lone zip tie was still attached and kept it from swept away. Even though it’s a goner, I at least know what happened to it.

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      What a bummer Christa! I’m pretty sure my damage was a case of vandalism as well. The cut seems too clean to be critter related. The station was on private property but there is public access a quarter mile downstream. I wasn’t previously concerned about vandalism here though. I’m unsure how to mitigate that risk moving forward. Signage? Trail cams?

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