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Battery Capacity /Fuel Gauge

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      Just wondering if anybody has looked at algorithms for battery capacity.

      For logging reliability, when a LiIon battery is low in available energy, it would be nice to reserve the available energy for just the core logging functions (ie no high powered radio transmission).

      I mentioned some work I’m doing in this thread https://www.envirodiy.org/topic/monitoring-power-consumption/

      Another possible method of measuring available power is to use a Fuel Gauge Adafruit LC709203F LiPoly / LiIon Fuel Gauge and Battery Monitor  https://www.adafruit.com/product/4712.

      That is LiIon battery to Adafruit-4712, then pwr cable to Mayfly, I2C cable to Mayfly. Then of course for safety could use some shrink wrap tubing round the Adafruit-4712.

      I’ve prototyped the driver on a Mayfly and pretty simple. It does measure the LiIon battery voltage accurately. It does allow a battery capacity to be plugged in (0.5AHr , 1AHr, 2AHr, 3AHr)  and then gives a percentage Fuel Gauge.  The fuel gauge is pretty squiggy, but possibly good enough to say stop wireless transmission below 60% capacity.

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