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Atlas Scientific sensors now an option on Data Sharing Portal

Home Forums Environmental Sensors Atlas Scientific sensors now an option on Data Sharing Portal

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      Sara Damiano

        These Atlas Scientific sensors are now an option on the Data Sharing Portal:

        – PT-1000 Temperature
        – Dissolved Oxygen
        – Conductivity (EC, TDS, Salinity, Specific Gravity)

        and @w3asa are there any others that you’ve used and would like to add?

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        Adam Gold

          Thanks for adding those to the portal. Those are the only ones that I plan on using.

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          Adam Gold

            @w3asa Hi Jim, I figured I’d address the Atlas Scientific code question in this forum. I sent a pull request to the Modular Sensors library on GitHub yesterday with some messy code that I got to work with temperature, EC, and DO Atlas sensors using I2C, and it looks like @srgdamiano already made a new branch of the Modular Sensors library called “atlas” that includes cleaned up versions of the code. I can get to it now using PlatformIO by changing the “lib_deps” section of my “platform.ini” file to this:

            I’m definitely interested in seeing the code that you’re using as well as your set up in Great Marsh and any tips that you’ve learned while deploying the sensors!

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