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    Thank you very much for the answer. No, the rain gauge was deployed as it came out of the box. The sensor was leveled during installation, but the pole was not re-leveled since then and it was there for two or three years. I was asking Meter for help and asked them directly if there is some posibility to adjust it and they said “no” so I am bit surprised there might be calibration possible. But i doubt it would help as the spoon gets stuck in lower position where there is no “endstop”. Unfortunately I don’t have the rain gauge here and I can’t check it now. Spiders and so on are not the cause of this as rain gauges were cleaned well and the issue is still there. I was thinking if some hydrophobic treatment on the spoon surface would not help to drain the spoon properly. They told me in Meter to clean tipping point/axis with isopropyl alcohol. If you are also using ECRN-50 or similar product, you might have the same issue, just dont know about it, because your loggers behave better and you just miss some precepitation here and there without noticing.