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    I’ve attached the specs sheet to this reply. Maybe you can help me interpret it. The following is what I was told from Apogee when I asked about the heaters:

    “Regarding the heaters, you do not need to operate them all the time. If the sensors are not in an environment where snow/frost are an issue, the connections for the heater can be omitted entirely. So long as the heater connections are in use (yellow wire on the SL-610-SS), the heater will be on. The only way to turn off the heater is to disconnect the corresponding pigtail. Most people leave them on all the time if their datalogger has enough space available. Not using the heater at all will not affect readings. If the heater is constantly powered, it is able to clear frost/snow in just a couple of minutes (depending on how much).”

    Since these are snow sensing stations, the heater will be needed, but as far as I understand it, they do not need to be powered constantly. Am I understanding correctly?