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    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks again for such a prompt and thorough reply, yet again.

    We have continuous data starting in last July.  The variation in depth over four months was consistently in the neighborhood of +265-275mm.  There was a period of very cold temps around Christmas and the edge of the stream froze but I don’t think that the probes were encased in ice.  However, after that freeze event, the variation in depth (b/t digital sensor and visual measurement on staff gauge) became much more variable, without any logical pattern.

    I will do a thorough check of the cable, record readings when probes are out of the water, and see if I can clean the pressure disk.  The turbidity measurements seem more accurate and responsive to weekly cleaning – both before and after the freeze event – so the issue is isolated to the depth sensor or the cable.  Will post update later in the week when I get a chance to do more investigations and a more thorough cleaning.

    Thanks again.