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    Hello, I am new to using Mayflies and XBee modules, so I’m hoping I can get some help here since the modules I’m planning on using are the 900 MHz XBee Pro S3B. Programming the modules correctly in the XTCU is something I don’t entirely grasp, but for the moment I will focus on programming the Mayfly.

    Right now I am just trying to get two Mayflies to send/receive temperature measurements from the Mayfly’s built-in temperature sensor. This first bit of code is for the Mayfly making the measurement and sending the data. The green LED (pin 8) is just so I can easily tell that the Mayfly is running the loop when I have it plugged into a wall.

    This next bit of code is for the Mayfly receiving the data and then printing it to the serial monitor so that I can verify that it is indeed receiving the data.

    Right now my serial monitor just prints out a bunch of -1 values. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!