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Jim Moore

    @shannon I am setting up a new sensor station using the hydros 21 (due in tommorow) but I am not using the turbidity sensor.  I deleted that section of the code but I wanted to add the humidity sensor.  What do I need to put in the variable list?  Here is what I have:

    Variable* variableList[] = {
    new MeterHydros21_Cond(&hydros),
    new MeterHydros21_Depth(&hydros),
    new MeterHydros21_Temp(&hydros),
    new MaximDS3231_Temp(&ds3231),
    new ProcessorStats_Battery(&mcuBoard),
    new ProcessorStats_Battery(&mcuBoard), //dummy var as place holder for humidity
    // new SensirionSHT4x_Humidity(), //use “humidity” variable; get error
    new Modem_SignalPercent(&modem),

    The modem is communicating with the new sensor site ok

    What else am I missing?