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Reply To: Mayfly version 0.5b data accuracy/validity

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    Hi Shannon,

    Thank you once again for your thoughtful and thorough reply – as well as for your patience and understanding of my Mayfly ignorance for not having attended a workshop.

    I greatly appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge.  Your reply above is quite helpful.

    The board already has corrosion issues on the main chip- likely humidity related as you mentioned – but it appears to be functioning properly at this point.  I will suggest that we purchase a new board (and some desiccant) so we can replace it if/when it fails.  There doesn’t seem to be any humidity impacts on the battery.

    Our board is simply recording data to a micro sd card and we will be entering it on the network – but I wanted to make sure that it is functioning properly before I created the account and uploaded the data.

    Thank you again for your kindness and support.  It is greatly appreciated!