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Reply To: Hydros CTD-10 Regularly Dropping Out (-9999)

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    Hi @shicks and @neilh20

    I’m leaning more towards an interaction with the MODBUS wing.  I had one station that produced -9999’s constantly when the Turbidity sensor was plugged in, and operated fine when I removed the MODBUS wing.  This drove me nuts until Anthony pointed me towards the complex loop code where I set the Turbidity sensor to low after each reading to avoid bleeding voltage.  I have subsequently uploaded the new code to all stations, which I assumed would fix the intermittent problems, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Other factors: there is no damage to the cables, no corrosion, and no perceivable storm damage.

    Shannon, I’m using v0.5b and the sensor is powered from the grove slot (D10/D11).  I changed the voltage jumper to 5v because 3.3v was resulting in -9999 values (I assume because of brownout?).

    I haven’t tried unplugging the MODBUS wing, but I bet the CTD record would be perfect if I did.  I can test this later this week if we don’t find another solution.

    Perhaps it’s my code (see below)?  Can either of you see any obvious errors?

    Thanks for your help.