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    Hi guys. I was really impressed with your early Seeduino Stalker ultrasonic water level sensor and I have tried to build one of my own.
    I was not fast enough to get hold of your Mayfly so have used a Seeduino Stalker V3 and I have been struggling to get my code to work.
    I have used a maxbotix 7360 sensor and want to try to record the Serial output as I am trying to achieve 1 mm accuracy.
    Any chance you could share the code you used with your Stalker versions of your project?
    I’m Happy to share what I have so far but as I am not really sure whats wrong with it I don’t really know how to fix it.
    It will only print one sample to the Serial output and to the SD card then goes into a coma.
    Also do you think there will be another run of the mayfly anytime soon?
    Any help you could give would be really appreciated.