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    Hi @shicks. Thank you. I was considering pogo pins. I assume you just solder them in and push the adapter board down to test? I guess I could also solder female headers into the wingshield holes and males into the adapter boards. This would allow me to test each adapter board on one rig, and I could just solder the male headers into new wing shield boards once I have confirmed they work.

    thanks for the info. Neil is doing some amazing things but I have a short timeframe to deploy 10 sites, hence I am opting for the DIY approach. Also, our electrical technician had around 40 PCBs printed by DFRobot, so I have most of the DIY components at my fingertips. I just have to wade through the unreliable adapter board issue.

    I’m not sure what you mean regarding not soldering anything into the wingshield. The TTL RS485 adapter seems to be soldered to the wingshield in the image below?

    FYI I have had success talking to my Y511-A turbidity sensor. Do you know if the issues with the brush interval have been fixed, I.e can you set the brush interval to save power, or does it just default to every time the board fires up?