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    Thanks @neilh20. I will definitely be interested in these when they are available.

    do you have any feedback about YOSEMITECH turbidity sensors? My questions are:

    1) Are they as reliable as other turbidity sensors, i.e. do they drift more readily, or provide strange values? For $510USD (non-wiper) or $680USD (wiper), they seem like a good deal.

    2) Is it worth getting the wiper version over the non-wiper version?

    3) We have a YSI multi-sonde deployed for another project using a modbus wing. Our technicians noted that the wiper powers on every-time the Mayfly connects to the probe, draining the battery. Is this the same for the YOSEMITECH sensors or is there a way around this?

    3) How much does the RS485-to-TTL interface board cost to build?

    Thanks for your help.