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Jim Moore

    My problem is that GMI_EC1 has conductivity spikes up to 900,ooo µS. The TSA chart auto scales to that level.  If I hover over EC axis and left click I can shift the scale location but I want to hover around zero and expand the scale so the all the lower EC readings are displayed.  I could do this a few weeks ago and my mouse wheel is working on other apps.  I am in my office with a iMac using Chrome.  No mouse wheel but its touch sensitive – same result.

    If you look at GMI_EC1 you will see large spike around 2/19/2021 A few weeks ago I was able to expand the scale around zero to see the lower values of EC now I can’t.  If I pick dates 2/22/21 to 3/14/21 I see the lower EC spikes (probably road salt from the service plaza) so the auto scaling works but I can’t scale manually.

    Try it and let me know what you observe.  I have tried on different platforms and browsers and same problem.