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John Smutny

    Currently my computer is running on Windows 8, 32-bit, and i am connecting the Board using the provided USB cable from the starter kit, and 3 other cords still have the same problem. But, I haven’t tried programming the board using the FTDI port yet and can test that when I gather the equipment.

    In regards to testing whether the switch removes power, using an external power supply with the pre-loaded flashing RED and GREEN LED program, tapping the switch (which causes the computer’s lack of recognition) does not effect the power supplied to the board. When I moved the loose switch around, while still in the ON position, the LED’s stayed ON. However, when I re-plugged the board into my computer, the board was no longer recognized.

    So, I don’t think this is so much a power issue, but my board’s switch some how is interfering with the USB connection with the board’s respective Drivers.
    Thank you for your help