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Reply To: XBee – R410M – Can’t connect

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    Hi Sara & Shannon,

    Thank you for your quick reply.  Answers to/comments on your questions are as follows:

    • How are you attaching your XBee to the computer?   – I am attaching the XBee to the Mayfly via a LTE module.
    • Are you plugged into the USB-C port, not the side microUSB?  – I am plugged into the microUSB on the mayfly.  This is plugged into a Torshiba Dynadock, which is linked to one of the USB ports on my computer.  
    • Is the other end of the USB-C that’s attached to your computer attached to a USB-3 power delivery port? – I have a feeling that the USB port on my computer is 2.0 which may be causing the brownout problem.  I will plug the Mayfly directly into the USB 3.0 port and try again. 
    • An unmodified Mayfly will NOT work as a carrier board for your bee to talk to the computer – How can I modify the board to act as a carrier so I can use XCTU?  Will the USB 3.0 solve this?
    • The u-blox M-Center program is not likely to recognize the chip on the XBee unless you have both programmed the XBee to be in USB direct mode and connected the USB direct pins to your computer.  I don’t think there’s anything you can do with the m-center program that you can’t do with XCTU, so I wouldn’t bother with it if you don’t need to. – Okay, I will stick with XCTU.
    • Are you using one of our LTEbee adapters between the Digi Xbee LTE module and the Mayfly board? – Yes, I am (see above).

    Thanks for your help.