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Jim Moore

    @stoltzfus-12osu-edu/ I am in a similar situation with my low cost EC sensor station project.  I need to tweek the AtlasScientific sensor library to fit my hardware.  I am using an AtlasSci EZO circuit set for UART mode and a sensorex conductivity probe with internal RTD which I use to report temperature as well as correct the EC reading to 25ºC.

    I am a retired EE (Cornell BEE ’62) and not a comp Sci major and my preferred programing language is solder!  It would be great to be able to provide functional specs for a particular instance of sensor hardware and someone with a CompSci background  (Sara?) write the code for the Modular Sensors library that could be pasted into the DRWI_citSci.ino code.  I plan to post details in this forum under a new topic.