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Jim Moore

    I added #include <Arduino.h> and still won’t build.  Can’t find SD.h which is in the adafruit library which I installed in my Arduino IDE  I download this program to my EC sensor station to set up the EZO board to calibrate the probe, RTD, and set the update rate of the AtlasEZO.  The easiest thing to do is to use the Arduino IDE when I need this sketch.

    I would like to move on to get the DRWI_CitSci sketch working with my low cost EC Sensor station  I have a few questions to get started:

    • How do I specify the serial pins that communicate with the EZO,  #define rx 7 and #define tx 6 .  Will this work? i.e. are “rx” and “tx” recognized variables
    • Same question for the RTD output which is on pin A0
    • When I activate the Hologram SIM card and have 2G service will it plug and play?
    • If that is the case and I get all the UUID’s  correct I should see my data on MonMW.  Right?
    • I attached a picture of the hardware for reference.