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Jim Moore

    I was able to compile and load DRWI_CitSci to my mayfly without sensors and no sim card for the GPRSbee.  It seemed to work as expected, wakeup, turn on power, and attempt a 2G connection and go to sleep for 5 minutes and wrote a lot of 9’s to the sd card.

    Last night, however, I added a sketch to my project (GMi_ECx) and broke something and get a “file not found” error when I attempt to compile any of the sketches in that project.  I will go back to and restart the process as you suggest.

    I am assuming based on your comments that each sketch folder will have its own .ini and therefore any platformIO.ini file in the root directory of the project should be deleted.  Does a platformIO.ini file in the root act as a default and therefor override the .ini file in the sketch directory?

    I have not done anything with my GPRSbee or Hologram sim cards yet.  Can you point me to any sketches that would verify that I have 2G service?  I recall that Shannan had a box that she used for checking 2G signal strength.