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    More news:

    1. The cutting and soldering of the Mayfly and XBeee adapter mentioned above works great!  I can now programmatically reset the modem if it gets into a non-responsive state.  I’m thinking of ditching my Sleep Mode code and instead doing a Shutdown(SD) and power off via A5 between communications. It may be less error prone and it does use slightly less power.  So far my experience is that it reconnects quickly.
    2. CP=1 has been working.  I’ll know better after a week of continuous testing 2 Mayflies – one with modem at FW-11413 and the other with 11415.
    3. For Matt – maybe you are right that PSM is getting “stuck”. From the manual:

    Note The cellular module comes out of the PSM low-power state whenever any network activity occurs, including Remote Manager activity

    I have code that does a Lookup Address (LA) whenever AI=2C (PSM).  That should get it out of PSM – and I’ve seen it get triggered on occasion.  But if the XBee is getting stuck in PSM,  I now have the ability to power cycle the XBee, that should work around this problem.