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Matt Barney

    This is great news! Thank you @srgdamiano and @ckillen!! I’ve begun ordering parts for 9 additional stations and have been fearing that buying another 9 XBee3 LTE-M modems was going to lead us into a world of frustration with failing modems; hopefully this discovery prevents that.

    Regarding XBee firmware: Just a week ago, we deployed a batch of XBee3’s which I’d just updated to the latest, 11413, so it caught my eye when Cal reported installing 11415, which was just released Feb 19th. (not sure what happened to v.11414). Reading the 11415 release notes, I noted the following, under Known Issues:

    1. By-pass mode is now deprecated and is not recommended for new designs. [perhaps this is not new information, based on what @shicks has written previously]
    2. Modules registering to the AT&T network have been observed infrequently to get stuck in the PSM
      dormant state (AI=0x2c). This state persists until the XBee is reset. [Could be related to Cal’s issue in post #13835?]

    Anyway, my practice has been to update firmware, using XCTU and the XBee TH board, when I unwrap a new XBee and program a Mayfly for it, and I’ll continue to do so unless I see advice against it here.

    Finally, do I(we) need to also be concerned with updating firmware on the uBlox, or does XCTU take care of that as well?