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    I had something interesting happen to me last week – a brand new XBee  (with brand new firmware 11415) + brand new SIM card would NOT connect to the tower for days.  In desperation, I changed the Carrier Profile from 0 to 2 (AT&T) and it connected immediately.  After that, I changed the CP back to 0 and it connects fine.

    All of my installation run with CP=0.  I think that was the advice I got from Hologram – provider of my SIMs. CP=0 has been working fine and I never had to use a change of CP to get it to work.

    But from the DIGI manual:

    “The 1 (No Profile) setting should be used if the module is not able to join the network because the underlying cellular modem does not have a predefined profile that supports the inserted SIM card. The 1 (No Profile) setting does not use any predefined profiles, which forces the module to attempt to join an appropriate network based on the module’s current configuration.”

    Now I’m thinking that CP=1 is the correct setting for all my installations!  Does anybody have advice/experience with this?

    ps – (from post above) I’m planning on ordering XBee adapters and trying to set one up  to be able to power on/off the modem.  Sara/anybody – please let me know if you’ve had a chance to test the process.