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    From time to time, some of my XBee radios in the field get into a state that won’t communicate.  Even though I can successfully execute AT commands nothing I’ve found but a power recycle will get it out of that state and communicating again.  One thing that can cause the problem is a power brownout but there are other causes that I don’t understand yet. Until I do, I’d like to put some code in my sketch that will power recycle the modem without requiring manual intervention.

    I know from above that I can control the RESET of the XBee by soldering a wire from Pin 5 of the XBee socket to an analog pin.  This method seems simple, but I’m not sure that RESET will clear all the problems that a power cycle does.

    I’d like to confirm that I can control the XBee power with Analog Pin A5 by:

    • using the XBee adapter
    • cutting trace 2-3 and soldering lands 1-2 on SJ1 of the XBee adapter, and
    • soldering ASSOC to A5 of SJ7 on the Mayfly

    I’d appreciate any corrections, suggestions and comments about this method.