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Jim Moore

    Hi Evan-

    I can’t provide any info on ThingSpeak and only have a limited knowledge based on some Dr Google research last night.  I currently have six of my Low cost EC stations deployed in Great Marsh (N. Chester County) plus two of the Mayfly decagon stations (BCMC3S and..4S).  The six EC stations are currently logging data to the µSD cards and have to be manually uploaded to MonMW which is rapidly losing its appeal!  I have been thinking of using the LoRa 900 MHz radios.  Without reinventing the wheel the LoRaWAN may be the way to go but that is currently above my pay grade!

    My other option is to simply fit my 6 sensor stations with 4G radios. I am hoping Sara and Shannon can help me with that.  I checked the Hologram pricing structure and its not at all clear what the base cost is.  GMI is supporting the two Decagon stations and the cost is $8/month plus $.60 per month for the second device so I am assuming that my additional cost would only be $3.60 per month.  Can someone confirm that?

    I have attached a GE image of the GMI array of sensors on most of the UNTs to the Great Marsh wetland.