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    Thanks Sara. Some more info for you. First, the CGMR and GMR commands both result in the response ERROR, as you can see in the output below.

    Additionally, it sometimes seems to struggle getting a connection to NIST, also as in the example below. It took two tries before it finally connected, and this seems to be commonb. Note also the funkiness in the shutdown code.

    No USOWRs with OK responses (only +CME ERROR: Operation not allowed), No UUSOCL anywhere, and the result of USOCR was variable. You can see the different USOCR responses in the NIST connection below.

    Now, I am using a bit of a homebrew solution for sending data. I’m not using EnviroDIY publisher or any of the other built-in methods but instead am using the Hologram Cloudsocket API. I modified EnviroDIYPublisher.cpp and .h to create HologramPublisher.cpp, .h to send data to Hologram, which has been working quite well on the two other modems I have (Sodaq GPRSbee and uBee U201). It seems a bit weird that there are double AT commands echoed to the log when trying to send data.

    and then sending data: