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Erik G

    To answer your questions:

    -I’m using platformio on VSCode. (I’m really not comfortable using it but these kind of problems is good for actually learning hands on. There is a lot of strange things in there that I don’t understand and I wish I could find a really good tutorial how to work with it.)
    -Attached my “platformio.ini”
    -I’ve tried both manual install and to let platformio do it.
    -Now updated/upgraded/cleaned
    – This is how the lib_dep folder looks like:
    v libdeps\mayfly
    -I was pretty sure AltSoftSerial was the problem since I got some errors when including it when using the mayfly board both in Arduino
    IDE and platformio but that seems to work now.
    -If I now focus on the “data_saving”-example which I know I didn’t corrupt with my own programming I might be misinterpreting the output
    based on my past problems with my own code (modified version of the Thingspeak example). When using your platformio.ini without the debugflags I get the output as attached in file “output1.txt”. Every 15 sec I get a new line of “Now running data_saving.ino on Logger XXXXX”
    When using the debug flags I get whats in output2.txt
    Then the Y504 seems to update. Maybe I was waiting for a output similar to the thingspeak-example? The testbutton didn’t work which made me assume something was wrong.

    The debug flags are very helpful. I totally missed to try them. The buffer setting in my terminal is probably to low to catch enough but i learned i can save the log to a text file with “pio device monitor > Filename.txt” in the terminal. Also very helpful.

    Oh I forgot to replace the gprsbee which I removed the