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Erik G

    I’m totally lost. Tried the “data_saving”-example as is and the logger restarts even if I keep the enable pin at -1. Doesn’t make a difference if I detach everything from the Mayfly and I tried both different usb-cables and FTDI-cable.

    The “thingspeak” example works if I don’t add any Yosemitech libraries/sensors in the code. I wonder if I’m doing anything wrong with PlatformIO? I have to add https://github.com/SRGDamia1/NeoSWSerial.git and https://github.com/EnviroDIY/SoftwareSerial_ExternalInts.git
    to the “platformio.ini” of the “data_saving”-example even if the .ini-file on github don’t use it.

    Tried the same code with a Sodaq Mbili and it behaves exactly the same.

    Anyone who can help me where I should start with the debug?