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    Thanks @srgdamiano, this is a great way to display the data and I think my application is simpler than that. In principle, I want to create “spot” checks of sampled data similar to what has been done for decades with water quality monitors from YSI, Horiba, OTT etc but map them on a GIS system.
    This means, the _device_ moves around (as it is owned by the technician) but the _data_ has a GPS tag that locks it into place. Compared to stationary sensors this complicates the analytics of course as Location 1 is not necessarily connected to Location 2 by the same waterway. When the technician returns to the same spot later, the GPS coordinates match but of course, now we have a different time-stamp: and thats where we have data continuity.

    I am probably overlooking something very basic but it seems to be a very straight-forward way of plotting water environmental quality data.