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Sara Damiano

    Hm. You have the LiPo plugged in in addition to the USB, right?

    Are you sure you have service and the antenna is well connected? Don’t yank the antenna off unless you really have to; those u.Fl connectors are fragile and after 3 or 4 times of being disconnected and reconnected they stop working.

    Have you ever gotten your XBee3 to connect? Sometimes it needs a long time on before it will make the first connection (think 20+ minutes). The sketch only waits two minutes on boot up and ~45 seconds every data point there-after. You can make it wait longer by changing the time in line 302 “if (modem.connectInternet(120000L)).” 120,000 ms = 2 minutes

    Did you try changing from Transparent to Bypass mode? The instructions are in the thread you linked earlier. Sometimes that’s a magical fix for connection issues.

    Can you connect the XBee3 directly to a computer and talk to it with XCTU? Do you have the latest firmware on the XBee3 and the SARA-R410M? If you’ve bought it within the last few months, it probably has at least the most crucial firmware updates, but the very latest is best, if possible.

    Can you post a log from the same sketch, but change your settings in the terminal to use CR as the end-of-line. In transparent mode the XBee3 uses CR instead of the more typical CR+LF so you need to change the line endings to see all back and forth communication. In PlatformIO on Atom, you can select the line ending by expanding the extra options in the pop-up window when you open the serial port monitor. If you’re using PlatformIO on VSCode, you need to add these lines to your platformio.ini file in the env section:

    It’s funny.. @ensign and I were on a call the other day with someone who had just started working with a different SARA R410M board and was praising the chip’s reliability. My response was “if you haven’t seen any issues with it yet, it’s because you haven’t used it enough.”