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Sara Damiano

    Scott Ensign, formerly of Planktos Instruments, is now at Stroud. (He’s @ensign.)

    I don’t know how “unusual” trajectory data is, but, at least in long term stream monitoring, it’s definitely far less common than fixed station monitoring. That type of data is also harder to manage, visualize, or conceptualize. I’d guess if others don’t support trajectory data it’s for those same reasons. Even including just site-specific data our feature wish list is far longer than we have the resources to ever complete.

    What were you hoping to accomplish by uploading your data to MonitorMW? If your goal is to have your data easily sharable and searchable, I’d recommend using HydroShare (https://www.hydroshare.org/landingPage/). Hydroshare supports uploading ODM2 databases and netCDF multi-dimensional data. HydroShare is also a DOI provider for permanently tagging specific datasets. If you want to manage your own data, you might look into CZ Manager (https://github.com/ODM2/CZ-Manager), which is based on ODM2 (like MonitorMW) but gives much, much deeper database control. You could also look into the tools provided by groups like NCAR (https://ncar.ucar.edu/) – I don’t have any personal familiarity with any of them though. I don’t actually know of any spiffy online data viewers, to send you to, but I haven’t ever looked either.

    I hope one of those is more helpful! I’m sorry MonitorMW isn’t ready for your data yet!