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    Thanks Sara. I think a cheap 12v to 5v phone charger will work well for me then.
    As for the LiPo battery – I will use a small one. Our transmissions are short and the LiPo will be recharged from the lead-acid battery.

    I have the V0.5b version of the Mayfly – so I could use the 12v input. But I’m a little worried though that the voltage may spike above 14v during sunny days. Do you think that would be a problem?

    I have a small disagreement with your last comment: “the modem wouldn’t be powered at all”. I often run my Mayfly + Digi modem WITHOUT a battery! It works (most of the time) so it does get power from my USB source – but I know it’s on the edge. I have the SJ13 soldered.