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Jim Moore

    I noticed that Atlas Scientific sensors are not in the ModularSensors list. I have built two EC sensor stations that are currently deployed in Great Marsh primarily to monitor stormwater runoff from the Pa Tpk. Scott Ensign has suggested I write this project up in more detail. Sara, are you interested in adding these sensors to ModularSensors if so I can give the code and details for this project?

    Currently these EC stations are storing the data on a sd card only. Access to these stations can be a bit challenging to say the least especially in this weather!

    I recently purchased some XBee’s from Sparkfun and have been able to get them talking to each other using the serial passthrough example code loaded on a Mayfly. I have checked out the range of the XBee Pro (60 mW) and I think they have the range to talk to a central location using the XBee’s ‘out of the box’ configuration.

    I am looking for any code examples for using XBee for end to end comm. Basically I want to send data to a central station station when ever the mayfly wakes up and takes
    EC and temperature data.

    On the hardware side has anyone had experience connecting an SMA conector to the XBee board with the attached whip antenna? The distances involved are about 1 KM LOS so will probably need some gain antennas since I am quite sure the little whip antennas wont quite cut it.

    I attached a dropbox link to brief report on the deployment of the EC/temp stations