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    I ordered some parts and I’m back working on this. I have 4 each of Mayfly’s (v0.5b), Hologram SIMs, and XBee3’s (XB3-C-A2-UT-001). I’ve had a little trouble getting the library straight and I intend to learn and install PlatformIO, but for now I’m working on regular Arduino platform. I’m running Sara’s “logging_to_EnviroDIY” … I don’t know if it’s the latest version.

    Oh, the “bug” I reported last post wasn’t really a bug, but a choice between Cell and Wi-Fi in that code. I switched the commented line with the uncommented line:
    #elif defined(TINY_GSM_MODEM_XBEE)
    //modem.setupModem(&ModemSerial, modemVCCPin, modemStatusPin, modemSleepRqPin, ModemSleepMode, wifiId, wifiPwd);
    modem.setupModem(&ModemSerial, modemVCCPin, modemStatusPin, modemSleepRqPin, ModemSleepMode, apn);

    I’ve had some luck getting a BEE to attempt to connect to the network, because the Hologram website reports:

    {“linkid”:439623,”record_id”:385223430,”session_begin”:”2018-09-16 14:14:40″,”timestamp”:”2018-09-16 14:15:39″,”bytes”:0,”imei”:”35275xxxxxxxxxx”,”cellid”:4864,”lac”:20502,”network_name”:”AT&T Mobility”}

    However, the modem never connects. I added some more time and some AT commands to TinyGsmClientXBee getRegistrationStatus() to make sure the modem is ON and responding. I get some response to these commands, but I only get “22” response for status. The output:

    sending S# to get SIM num
    [16873422] <<< 894450030xxxxxxxxxx

    sending IM to get IMEI
    [16873504] <<< 35275xxxxxxxxxx

    sending OA to get APN
    [16873570] <<< ERROR

    sending MN to get operator
    [16873625] <<< OK

    sending DB to get signal strength
    [16873678] <<< OK

    sending AI to get status
    [16873732] <<< 22

    My cell strength (4G) is good here so I don’t think that’s the problem. I’ve tried different antennae too. I’m ready, willing and able to insert some debug code to find out what’s wrong if anybody has some ideas. Thanks for your help in advance.