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EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Kit


The EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Kit contains parts for building a solar-powered station that transmits real-time data across 4G cellular networks to the web. With proper programming, users can report their data to Monitor My Watershed and other IoT websites. This do-it-yourself kit requires computer programming using Arduino and requires mechanical assembly. To gauge the level of effort required, please review the links provided in steps 1-4 below (note that the components included in this Kit are listed in the manual and can be ordered individually). The Kit does NOT include water sensors or a main Lithium battery (we recommend this one, other batteries may have reversed polarity which can damage the Mayfly board), and additional installation equipment is required from your local hardware store (see links below) for final installation. The Kit does not come with any printed instructions, guides, or any other materials because they can all be found on our EnviroDIY website.

  1. Most of what you need to learn to assemble and program you EnviroDIY Monitoring Station is available in our online manual and these videos.
  2. The Manual demonstrates the use of a Hydros 21 CTD sensor made by METER Group. You’ll need to order this yourself, and you must specify that you need the 3.5 MM STEREO PLUG on the sensor cable when ordering.
  3. In Section 6.3 of the manual you will learn how to connect the Hydros 21 CTD to a Mayfly by first changing the address that the Hydros communicates on.
  4. Register as a user of EnviroDIY.org. The EnviroDIY forums are a great resource for troubleshooting, learning, and posting questions.

The Monitoring Station Kit contains:

  • Mayfly Data Logger v1.1 RevB board and USB-C cable for connection with computer
  • EnviroDIY LTE sim7080 cell module and LTE antenna
  • Hologram Global SIM card (works with AT&T and T-mobile networks)
  • 2 microSD cards (8GB) and standard SD card size adapter
  • vertical microSD card adapter for Mayfly Data Logger
  • CR1220 coin cell battery for Mayfly Data Logger clock
  • waterproof Pelican case with pre-cut foam and pre-drilled threaded holes for cable glands (one 3/8″NPT and one 1/2″NPT) and mounting bracket (two 1/4″ holes)
  • smaller RP1095c case for holding logger inside the Pelican case
  • 6-volt, 5-watt ETFE solar panel with mounting bracket and U-bolt for mounting solar panel on a post, and solar power cable for connection with Mayfly Data Logger (note: starting in June 2023, all kits have a new style solar panel than what is shown in the photo. Dimensions are the same, but it looks slightly different)
  • 2 waterproof cable glands: 1 small (3/8″NPT for cables 0.08″ – 0.24″), 1 large (1/2″NPT for cables 0.24″-0.47″)
  • mounting bracket, nuts & bolts & washers, and 2 hose-clamps for mounting the waterproof box on a post
  • 20cm Grove cable and a Grove-to-3.5 mm jack adapter for sensor connection (sensor not included)
  • stainless steel hose-clamp for attaching sensor bundle to pvc pipe (pipe not included) and stainless steel retaining pin for attaching pvc pipe (not included) to steel rebar (rebar not included)

You will need additional parts to install the station and you can find where to buy them in EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Parts List.

A list of recommended tools can also be found in the manual in Section 7.1.

For more information and instructions on the sensor station installation process, please view the video tutorials provided under “Installing an EnviroDIY Mayfly Sensor Station.”

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