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  • Dear Shannon , I have already connected the GND of the Modem and GND of the Mayfly. Interfacing between Mega2560 to the Modem I have used of level converter ( 3.3V to 5 V) for TX1 and RX1 . Because the operating of the modem is 3.3 Volt and the the Mega is a 5 Volt.

    The operating of the Modem was a 3.3 Volt for the RX1 and TX1  and operating the…[Read more]

  • I want to communicate mayfly with satellite Modem Swarm M138. Via the serial1 port on the arduino mega2560 connected to the Swarm Modem, the sketch I built can communicate well, but when  the serial1 port on the mayfly (2x10header) can’t communicate with the m138 swarm modem. Do any of you have any suggestions to overcome this?

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