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  • Rory G posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    Hey All, I was really excited to purchase a Mayfly data logger but I see that they are currently unavailable on Amazon.com which I believe is the only location where they are sold. Does anyone know if this is a regular occurrence and or when they will be made available again?

    I’d also like to ask why they can’t ship to Canada? I do live somewhat close to the US boarded but it does increase the costs of my project.

    Thanks All!

    • Rory G, our Amazon stock is sold out but we should have the storefront restocked soon. Shannon Hicks recently posted this:

      Shannon Hicks replied to the topic MayFly Kit/Bee Adapter availability December 2019 in the forum Mayfly Data Logger
      14 days ago

      All the starter kits I sent to Amazon at the beginning of the month sold out within a few days of being back in stock. I’m still waiting on the shipment from the manufacturer to get all of our products back in stock on Amazon. The holidays kind of mess up the schedules. I’ll post an update whenever I have an estimate on when everything will be available again.

      • That’s great to hear that they’re selling as well as they are and that more are being made available. Is there any thought on if the data logger will be shipped to Canada in the future?