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  • Dave Yake wrote a new post 4 years ago

    By Marion Waggoner and Dave Yake
    We (Save Our Water) started a program to monitor the Broad Run stream in late 2014 with the primary objective of establishing a base line of stream flow throughout the […]

    • I have a similar issue with the need to collect a water sample. We have an array of LEC water monitors in the various UNT’s into Great Marsh. One is downstream of the Turnpike service plaza and we are seeing the usual EC spikes correlated with the winter weather. However, a few are very large and don’t seem to be weather correlated hence the nee to get water sample since they are relatively short duration of a few hours or less.
      I came across a low cost 12 Volt fountaintain pump that is perfect for pumping a water sample into a collection bottle. I built a 4 channel sampling system based on this pump with a Mayfly controlling four pumps. When the EC gets above a prescribed level the pump is activated for about 12 seconds, enough time to fill a 500cc sample bottle. The software in the mayfly resets when the EC drops below the set threshold and advances to the next port and runs on the next EC spike.

      I attached a few pictures of the system I built. However I may have missed the weather events causing EC spikes.

      If there is interest I can write up a blog with Mayfly code and construction details.