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  • dani68k replied to the topic SDI-12 Slave in the forum Other Data Loggers 1 years, 1 months ago

    Hi Neilh20,

    After some tests and new code I succed with reading PH data from sensor with I2C, and trasmitting them to datalogger over the SDI-12.

    Actually, I must left the slave device in listening mode every time using: mySDI12.forceListen();

    For some reason I didn’t proceed that way… but finally I could find the way 😉

    This is working in…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to create an I2C PH sensor over a SDI-12 bus.

    I’m using a Arduino Leonardo to read sensor data over I2C and then send it to the datalogger over a SDI-12 bus.

    I have a DIY datalogger with a commercial sensor with address 0, and my PH sensor, I just run the example there is the folder ‘example/h_SDI-12_slave_implementation’ with…[Read more]

  • dani68k became a registered member 1 years, 1 months ago