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EnviroDIY Hardware Status and Availability

The following table shows the status of all EnviroDIY products and where they might be purchased.

Updated August 1, 2023

ProductCurrently in ProductionIn Stock at EnviroDIYIn Stock at AmazonNotes
Mayfly 1.0 boardMayfly v1.1YesYesYescurrent version v1.1 Rev B
EnviroDIY LTE BeeLTE Bee sim7080 moduleYesYesYes
EnviroDIY Mayfly Starter KitMayfly Starter KitYesYes Yes
Monitoring Station KitYesYesNo, not sold on Amazon
OLED Display Half-shieldOLED Half-shieldYesYesNo, unknown date
RS-485 adapterYesNo, unknown dateNo, unknown dateUndergoing design revisions
Grove 3.5mm jackYesYesYes
Grove 6-pin screw terminalYesYesYes
ESP32 Wifi BeeYesYesYes
Vertical card adapterVertical Card adaptersYesYesNo, not sold on Amazon
EnviroDIY GPSGPS Bee YesYesNo
Mayfly v1.0NoNo – discontinuedNo – discontinuedSold Oct2021-Jan2022
Mayfly v0.5bNoNo – discontinuedNo – discontinuedSold 2016 – Oct2021
LTEbee adapterNoNoNoDiscontinued
Protoshield ( for v0.5b only)NoYesNofor v0.5b boards only