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EnviroDIY LTEBee Adapter (Pack of 5)


Note:  As of October 2021, these boards have been discontinued and will no longer be available.  This page is only for reference. The new EnviroDIY Mayfly v1.0 and v1.1 boards work directly with Digi Xbee LTE cellular board without the need for this adapter, but you will need to change some of the solder jumpers on the back of the Mayfly v1.0 and v1.1 boards from their default settings if you want to use a Digi Xbee LTE board.   This adapter should not be used with a Mayfly v1.0 or v1.1 board.

The following text is from the original item description in 2020:

EnviroDIY created this adapter specifically to interface the Digi Xbee3 LTE cellular modules with the EnviroDIY Mayfly Data Logger v0.5b.  The LTE module requires certain power and pin I/O wiring settings that aren’t included on the standard Mayfly boards, so this “LTE Bee adapter” allows you to easily connect and power the LTE bee. Also includes a double-ended 4″ JST power cable for connecting to the spare Mayfly LiPo jack. Detailed information about the use of the adapter can be found on the LTE Bee adapter Github page.

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