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XBEE Communication Issue

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      Scott Murrison

        I posted this in the datalogger forum, but thought it would be best here since it deals with the Mayfly directly. Sorry for the double post.

        Hello Everyone

        I’m hoping someone can help with my communication issue. I have 2 XBEE PRO S3B radio modules that I am trying to get to work with my Mayfly V0.3 board. I can connect the xbee modules to the xbee explorers and I am able to send packets back and forth. When I replace one of the explorers with the Mayfly and load the Serial Communication example, I get nothing on the other end. The Serial monitor works on the computer the mayfly is connected to, but my second computer with the xbee explorer doesn’t.

        Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


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        Shannon Hicks

          Xbee modules plugged in to the Mayfly’s Bee headers communicate directly with the ATmega1284P processor’s secondary hardware serial port. So if you want to see any Bee traffic on your serial monitor, you’ll need to have a sketch running on the Mayfly that captures anything heard on “Serial1” and then print it to the monitor via Serial.

          Likewise, if you want the Mayfly to transmit something via the Bee, you have to do that via “Serial1”.

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          Scott Murrison

            The problem was the XBEE radios. The models I was trying to use are programmable. I purchased two that are not programmable. These two communicate fine.

            Thanks for the help.


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