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Using SAMD51/Wio Terminal

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        I’ve ported MS to the Wio Terminal – which has an ARM “CORTEX-M4” SAMD51 microprocessor

        It opens up a whole field of potential Adafruit boards that also use versions of the SAMD51 https://www.adafruit.com/search?q=SAMD51  The big benefit of the SAMD51 is that it can got to a 2Mbytes of Flash and possibility even larger with XIP “execute in place” in external flash – for program features. The SAME5x family is also pretty much the same processor, and the can go into a pretty low power shutdown mode. At least for the ARM32 family. The Wio Terminal has built in WiFi, and should be possible to plug in a modem for Adafruit boards.

        Thanks to EnviroDIY having the SAMD Compilers as a base in the build environment. As ever , getting time and updating the libs to deal with a different RTC and time is a bit tricky.

        So far, the basic structure I’m looking at is 4temperature sensors + temp/humidity.
        Wio-Term with sensors

        The screen offers some instant visibility – but its a power hog, so turns off pretty quickly

        6 Sensors display

        The measurements are transmitted over WiFi and can be seen on MMW (though its a test site, and will delete it at some time in the future) https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/nh_temp5/

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