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Two depth sensors for reliable depth measurement confidence

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        I’ve released a Mayfly image that interfaces to two depths sensors – an Insitu LT500 and Keller Acculevel – and pushes the readings to MonitorMyWatershed.org over a Digi LTE CAT-M1 modem.

        As a binary image, anybody can download it into a Mayfly, no programming experience needed. https://github.com/neilh10/ms_releases

        The per station customizations, describing the station, and for MonitorMyWatershed are performed in a .ini file that is on the uSD disk.  https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/wiki/Feature-INI-file

        It is of course built on the fantastic ModularSensors, which I’ve forked and added to. It also use the extensible Modbus wingBoard with the RS485 on it – all of which are open source.

        I haven’t described all the parts in detail yet, but I can do if anybody is interested in it.

        One of the ways I test the software with specific configuration of sensors and features is to run them in a simulated low water stream – a jar of water, depth change is only evaporation, so a defined depth however the temperature varies by about 15C.

        Part of the dataset I’ve made into a graph that shows the way that the Insitu LT500/SDI-12 and the Keller Acculevel/RS485 respond to a 15C diurnal temperature change in the water . The dataset was downloaded from MMW (all data delivered with the reliable data delivery feature)

        The full data set (messy) https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/tu_rc_test06/


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