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Solar Panel extension cord

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      James P

        Hello, the sun is low here at 48 N and we need to run an extension pole for our solar panel.

        Can anyone recommend what type or where I can find a ~15′ extension for the solar panel wire? Or just what the connectors are called so I can do some searching? And if using that length it’ll still deliver adequate power/charging to the mayfly?

        James P
        Spokane, WA

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        Shannon Hicks

          If you’re talking about the external solar panels that we ship with the EnviroDIY Monitoring Station Kit, they are made by Voltaic Systems, and they offer a variety of extension cables for placing the panel further from the logger.  The connector is a basic 3.5×1.1 mm barrel jack, but it has a unique waterproof design that is better for outdoor use than standard barrel jack/plug combos.  We’ve used the 4-foot and 10-foot extensions before with good results.  You can find their extension cables here:  https://voltaicsystems.com/connectors-extensions/

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          James P

            Thanks very much!

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