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      John Wilson


        I assist with the regular upkeep of a site (Bushkill Creek at Bushkill Drive (ULBC3S)) and would like to get an alert set up that will notify me if it does not transmit data for a specific amount of time.  I have an account in MMW, and with EnviroDIY, but cannot find any settings that will enable this.

        Thank you,


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        Dave Bressler


          If you’ve created a MonMW account then log in to that account, go to the Bushkill site (https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/ULBC3S/), and click the “Follow” box in the upper right corner of the site page (circled in red on attached).  That should allow you to receive updates if/when the station stops transmitting.  Please let us know if you see issues though – the MonMW site is in transition to Amazon Web Services and we appreciate feedback on bugs, etc.



      Viewing 1 reply thread
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