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Satellite M138?

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        I wonder if anybody has looked at using transmission via  Swarm.space  M138 , https://swarm.space/swarm-m138-modem/

        There is a kit available through sparkfun https://www.sparkfun.com/products/19236  $150

        and it looks like its going to be fairly low cost annual subscription of $60/month with a tight coupling of  750messages per month. Since its satellite each message is fixed size of a respectable 192bytes, irrespective of how much actual data is in it. Typically messages are expected to be from remote device to the central “hive”, and there is a limited ACK capability.

        The power requirements are pretty amazing at

        Voltage 3.0-5.0V, with reference current at 3.3V

        Sleep mode: 3.3 V, 80 uA (max)

        Receive mode: 3.3 V, 26 mA (typ), 40 mA (max)

        Transmit mode: 3.3V, 850 ma (typ), 1000 mA (max)

        Getting the readings  is via polling, and seems ubidots have a method.



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